Early diagnosis of fetal heart defects is the key to a healthy baby’s life

Meet Bogdanchyk with his mother. The baby was born with a complex heart failure – a common truncus.
The Center resuscitation team took Bogdan from the hospital to the clinic immediately after birth, and the cardiac surgery team of the Center, headed by Roman Sekelyk, immediately operated on the baby, correcting the congenital defect.
The well-coordinated actions and professionalism of the team of the Clinic for Children of our Center allowed Bogdanchyk to return to his mother very quickly, and in a few weeks to be discharged from the clinic.
The common truncus (CT) is a pathology in which the aorta and pulmonary artery are represented by one vessel, which seems to hang over the ventricular septal defect (VSD) and provides systemic, coronary and pulmonary blood flows. With a VSD, arterial and venous blood mix, and the pressure in both ventricles is equally high.
Thus, mixed blood (with oxygen saturation of 80 – 95%) is directed with the same high pressure both into the systemic bed and into the pulmonary one. With this defect, the lungs are quickly damaged, since they receive more blood than they need. Therefore, the CT must be corrected immediately after birth in order to prevent the appearance of irreversible changes in the lungs!
But more importantly, CT is not a cause for panic! Yes, this is not a simple heart defect, and the only treatment is surgery. But with early prenatal diagnosis and well-coordinated work of doctors and parents of young patients, operations are successful, babies receive high-quality care and lead a full life in the future!
At the present time, our Center has the largest experience in Ukraine in the treatment of a common trunk. Since 1997, the Center has operated more than 100 patients with CT. In addition, the doctors of our Center have improved the CT diagnostic protocol, which, in addition to traditional methods (echocardiography, angiography with catheterization of the heart cavity) includes additional diagnostic methods (CT, medical genetic counseling).

! So, remember: early diagnosis of fetal heart defects is the key to a healthy baby’s life!
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