«MedOK» club

He was initiated by Ilya Yemets as a Minister of Health of Ukraine. He is the honorary head of the “MEDOK” club. The main purpose of this club is to assist in highlighting the activities of the Center.

The club’s objectives
Created to unite the efforts of the employees and the media to improve the quality of health for servicing, promotion of healthy lifestyles, rospovidi vivid stories kept informed about scientific and practical achievements of the Center.

How to become a member of the club
Members of the club can become journalists who have a desire to contribute to the goals and objectives of the club. The head of the club is the director of the Center, Ilya Yemets. For membership and cooperation, please contact Sergey Nagoryansky: e-mail: nagoriansky@cardio.org.uatel: +380503800998





In addition to the media services provided by MEDOK, specialists of the Center conduct a medical examination of journalists’ colleagues. On several leading TV channels a journalist survey was conducted to assess the state of their cardiovascular system. The consultation was conducted by leading experts of the Center Serhiy Varbanets, Olga Guryeva, Mikhail Bula, Andriy Kaptalan. They were assisted by nurses Natalia Lebedinets and Lyudmila Zikova. All journalists received qualified advice.