The Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care for Neonates

The department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care for Neonates provides aneasthesiological care  for planned  and emergency cardiac surgeries 24 hours a day. Variety of patients includes children and neonates with congenital and acquired heart diseases, premature babies with extremely low birth weight. In our department specialists use the most modern high quality equipment. For several years our doctors have successfully used Cell Saver and other blood-saving techniques during cardiac surgeries for better patients’ outcome. New original method of neonatal cardiac surgery during the first hours of life without use of blood components was developed, implemented and widely used at the premises of our department.

Specialists of the department provides anaesthsiological care for:

  • Cardiac surgery with/without cardio-pulmonary bypass;
  • Cardiac interventions;
  • Diagnostic procedures (CT, MRI scan, ultrasound).

In our department we use the most up-to-date medical technologies (halogen-containing inhalation anaesthesia with Sevofluran and total intravenous anaesthesia with drugs with proved pharmacodynamics. Medical staff of our department was trained in the best cardiac clinics in the US, Germany and Sweden.

Our  intensive care unit is able to provide simultaneous treatment  for 25 patients. Its modern equipment allows to perform pre-, and postoperative critical care for patients in any condition, using hi-tech diagnostic and life-support techniques. This includes:

  • High-frequency mechanical ventilation;
  • Bronchoscopy;


Our dotors

Sergey Chernyshuk Head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, pediatric anaesthesiologist of the highest category.

Vadim Tkachuk pediatric anaesthesiologist of the first category

Andrey Vysotskiy pediatric anaesthesiologist of the second category

Evgeniy Oleynikov pediatric anaesthesiologist of the second category

Ruslan Yemets pediatric anaesthesiologist of the second category

Olga Adamovskaya pediatric anaesthesiologist