Day of donor with Credit Agricole Bank

Employees of Credit Agricole Bank joined the first stage of the charitable initiative “Donor Day at Credit Agricole Bank”. Immediately 13 employees gave blood to infants who are patients of the Center for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiology. Heroes of the debut of the charitable initiative were Anna Volk, Oksana Grebenyuk, Katerina Khomenko, Yuri Zhuravlev, Maxim Fedorenko, Yuriy Lytvyn, Andriy Movchan, Yuri Martynenko, Anatoly Kamorda, Anna Zolotina, Tetyana Pavlusenko, Tetyana Pugarska and Victoria Torianik.

This initiative is another component of the large-scale corporate social responsibility program of the “We Care!” Bank. The desire to help and contribute to charity is at the heart of this program.

“We are all very different, but we are equally helpless when trouble comes with us or with our loved ones. Blood is a priceless and often inalienable element in the fight against the disease. This is a magical resource, sharing which, we do not get worse, rather the opposite. After all, the donor does not just give the particle itself, it gives the patient a chance to recover, and his family hopes to be together again. In exchange for this, he gets emotions that can only lead to the salvation of someone else’s life! But saving lives, we save the world! I want each of you to feel like a super hero “, – commented Anna Zolotina, authorized representative of the operational director, Credit Agricole Bank.

In the future, Credit Agricole Bank will participate in the Donor Day charitable initiative on a regular basis. Every month, up to 20 colleagues will be able to donate blood for small patients at the Center and, with this, free examination of blood.

“It was important for me to join this charitable initiative, because help is normal, and even more so help the children. I have long wanted to become a donor of blood. It’s a wonderful feeling – to understand that due to you somebody’s heart will continue to fight, “commented Oksana Hrebenyuk, translator, Credit Agricole Bank.

We thank employees of Credit Agricole Bank who joined the first stage of the charitable initiative!