Cooperation that gave a chance to life

Thanks to the co-operation between the Uzbek Embassy in Ukraine and the Children’s Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Center at the one-year-old child, Lazizbek Sharifov from the Khorezm Region (Republic of Uzbekistan), there was a chance for life.

A small patient from Uzbekistan entered the Center in a severe condition with high pulmonary hypertension. He was denied access to many leading clinics abroad.

According to I. Emts, the child was very late diagnosed with this terrible disease – the only ventricle of the right type, hypoplasia of the left ventricle, transposition of the major arteries, defect of the interventricular septum. Such children need to have an operative intervention at the age of 3 months. And the patient arrived at the Center when he was already one year old. The chances of recovery were negligible.

All operations and treatments for Ukrainian children are free of charge thanks to state support. Unfortunately, foreign patients need to pay expensive materials. There were no such boys’ parents. Realizing the difficult situation in which the parents turned out, the Uzbek embassy in Ukraine organized a charity action for the preparation of a plovum and handed over about 40,000 hryvnias ($ 1,600) collected to the medical institution for two days to the medical institution to cover part of the expenses.

Cardiac surgeon Yaroslav Ivanov conducted a complex surgical operation, and already on the fifth day a small patient was transferred to the Department of Cardiology. Now his life is not threatening.

In the future Lazizbek will have to carry out several more operations, greatly improving the quality and duration of his life. But the most important thing is that the child has a chance. And this is not the only case of successful cooperation. In recent years more than 20 operational interventions and 100 consultations have been conducted for children from Uzbekistan.

The boy’s parents, Donier Olabergenov and Rukhsar Makarimov, are grateful for the help and support of the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan to Ukraine, Alisher Khabibulayevich and the Center for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery ….