15 Annual Forum of Ukrainian Children’s Cardiac Center

The date of the event is October 22-23

We understand that countries around the world have faced serious challenges in the fight
against COVID-19, so the organizing committee of the forum decided not to put participants at risk
and to hold this year’s forum in a virtual format.

We hope that the topic of the 2020 forum ‘”Aortic Valve Disease in Different Periods of
Ontogenesis” will be interesting for doctors of a wide range of medical specialties. Educational
lectures by leading specialists from the United States, Germany, Switzerland and Ukraine are
planned as part of the event.

The Forum will include educational lectures, analysis of complex and rare clinical cases
from prenatal stage to adulthood, as well as master classes on Echo- and radiodiagnostics, analysis
of GUCH-patients and coverage of the latest developments in the manufacture of cardiac surgical

We really hope that this year’s remote meeting will bring together even more participants
from different countries, and the knowledge gained during the Forum will be useful in improving
health care for patients with congenital and acquired heart disease.

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