• 30430

    treated patients with congenital and acquired heart defects

  • 21,627

    cardiurgical operations were performed, including 6,293 highly specialized cardiologic interventions

  • 7 709

    operated children under one year old

  • 171 987

    specialized echocardiographic and highly informative X-ray diagnostic
    surveys, including 5 758 endovascular examinations


Gwanza Arakhmaliya

First of all, I want to express my gratitude to all employees of the Center for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery for their professionalism! In particular, I want to thank Manko S. V, Zhovnir VA, Borodinov O. - these doctors helped our daughter get well!

We learned about the heart defect of the child when the baby was 1.5 months old and since then there has been constant anxiety and emotions in the soul! It is difficult to convey in words how much we worried about our daughter for the whole period. Every visit to the cardiologist was catching up with the fear of an approaching operation. In 1.1 g, the cardiologist gave a direction for the operation. Her daughter had a defect of the atrial septum 20mm. Of course, we were very worried about the daughter, but everything went well. I will not go into details, so as not to overtax unnecessary fears and feelings on the reader of this review. Of course, all this is hard - surgery, resuscitation, rehabilitation. But the main thing is that after - your child will be healthy and able to live a full life!

Mariya Alabrash

Many thanks to the Center of Children's Cardiology, our doctors Lazu MS, Emets R.M., especially the surgeon Sekelik R.I., for the fact that God with his hands saved the life of our daughter !!!!

Thank you for your great heart, for your care and attention, for your love that you give to children! Thank you for saving life !!!!

Olga Visochinska

Our homeland shiro dyakuyo for servis, goodwill, professionalism and purity that beauty to the center. Dyakuєmo effort, quiet people that likariv, yakі dayut mozhnivist otrimati such riven obeslugovuvannya !!!

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