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About department

The department of transfusiology is an independent subdivision of the State Medical Service of Ukraine “NMPCTCM of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine”. The department employs the latest methods and technologies, using not only domestic experience, but also the experience of foreign blood services, as well as ensures the qualitative harvesting and processing of donor blood and its components for the full-fledged provision of clinical departments.

The main task of the department is to provide round-the-clock provision of patients with donor blood components and doses, with due regard for their safety and quality requirements. The quality of donor blood and its components directly affects the efficacy of hemotransfusion therapy and the safety of clinical use, provides the expected result of treatment of patients with surgical heart surgery under artificial blood circulation. Therefore, the department has formed a group of full-time donors, which numbers 2000 people and minimizes the attraction of donor relatives, which allows to maximize the immunological and infectious safety of hemotransfusions. The quality control department monitors compliance of the quality indicators of the donor blood and its components according to the normative documents at the stages of procurement, transportation and storage.

All manipulations that are performed in the department are carried out under sterile conditions. The preparation of blood, followed by separation into fractions, is performed only with one-time materials, excluding donor damage or contamination with hemotransmission infections.

The department is equipped with modern analyzers: the analyzer of the immune enzyme automatic and immunochemical analyzer of the new generation “ARCHITECT i1000sr”; Express blood analyzer “REFLOTRON PLUS”; hematologic analyzer “Sysmex XP-300”.

The department produces:

  • Medical examination of donors;
  • A donor survey using imported disposable materials and reagents.
  • Blood preparation and its processing into components;
  • auto donation;
  • donor plasmapheresis;
  • production of the following blood components: erythrocytes, erythrocytes, leukofiltration, erythrocytes washed, plasma freshly frozen, plasma freshly frozen (aphrose), virus-activated plasma, plasma leukofiltration, platelets (concentrate) apheresis, platelets recovered from blood doses.

Laboratory examination of donors and patients:

  • determination of blood group and Rh accessory;
  • a general blood test;
  • determination of antigens of hepatitis B (HBS-Ag), C;
  • determination of the activity of aminotransferases, bilirubins;
  • serological research on syphilis;
  • blood test for HIV infection.

Timely and reliable immunohomatological diagnostics of donors and patients allows us to choose the right tactics of hemotransfusion support in cardiac surgery using blood components under artificial blood circulation.

Together with the specialists of the Center, the department of transfusiology deals with scientific research, which are set out in scientific articles and are concentrated in the methodical recommendations: “Use in cord blood (placental) blood in neonatal cardiosurgery, prepared for autologous transfusion.”

Additional information.
We invite blood donors to cooperate. Skilled personnel, modern equipment and disposable consumables guarantee our donor maximum comfort and safety.
All donors are provided with breakfast (tea, cookies) before the bloodman.
With blood donation, we guarantee confidentiality and free examination of the blood group and Rh-prenadjstvenstvo, hepatitis B (HBS-Ag), C, syphilis and HIV infection.

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