Anesthesiology Department

  • We keep you safely during operation. It’ s credo for nowadays anesthesiology, particularly for patients with cardiac diseases.
  • In our Department of Anesthesiology, which is managed by the doctor of the highest category, Boychenko Olena Nikolaevna, we use the most personal approach to each patient.

We provide the highest level of safety during anesthesia

  • We do everything to have the highest safety requirements during anesthesia: anesthetic that we use are specially created for cardiovascular disease and any other possible concomitant illnesses.
  • Our team has many years of experience in cardio anesthesiology. We provide specific protocols that include our experience of treatment  and  the recent world guidelines. We use high-quality technical equipment during operation for the best results.
  • Before operation anesthetist has a private conversation with patient and responds all your questions about anesthesia. We try to comprehend  your needs  before surgery and will carefully treat your heart .

Anesthesiology Department

Cardio anesthesiologist is important part of cardiac team. With surgeon and perfusiologist  we provide care to all organs and systems during operation for safe your life.

Our anesthetic team many years take care about patients any ages: newborns, children, adults and elderly people with difficult comorbidity.