Advisory clinic for adults (Melnikova)

The department is equipped with modern equipment for rapid and accurate diagnosis of cardiovascular and extracardiac pathology, which allows an expert assessment of the cardiovascular system state in accordance to European standards. Thanks to the highly qualified personnel of the consultative-diagnostic department, there are provided an assessment of the need for cardiosurgical interventions, identification and prediction of life risk factors associated with cardiovascular diseases, development of individual prophylaxis and treatment programs for cardiovascular diseases, the dynamic observation and consultations of patients undergoing cardiosurgery. The department also develops and conducts scientific and practical programs that promote the development and improvement of the cardiological service.

The department provides consultative and diagnostic assistance to patients:
– with risk factors of cardiovascular diseases;
– with ischemic heart disease;
– arterial hypertension;
– disorders of rhythm and conduction of the heart;
– cardiomyopathy;
– violation of lipid metabolism;
– volume formations in the heart;
– pericarditis and inflammatory diseases of non-rheumatic nature;
– congenital heart defects in adults and adolescents, and much more.

The department employs doctors with a high level of training and many years of experience. If necessary, other specialists are involved in the treatment and diagnostic process.

   Spectrum of diagnostic examinations:
– electrocardiography;
– daily monitoring of ECG and blood pressure;
– echocardiography (transthoracic, transesophageal);
– stress echocardiography with stress tests and drug tests;
– samples with dosed physical activity (veloergometry, treadmill test);
– ultrasound diagnosis of the abdominal cavity organs, small pelvis organs, kidneys, thyroid gland;
– ultrasound diagnosis of vascular diseases (pathology of the arterial and venous systems of the head and neck, arteries of the upper and lower extremities), modern treatment;
– study of the function of external respiration (spirography);
– consultation of the surgeon or, if necessary, other specialists of the clinic.

Preliminary recording for consultation helps to avoid waiting in line.
To write to the consultation: (044) 206-50-08. Kyiv, st. Melnikova, 24.

Mikhail Bula head of the department Ph.D.

Anna Sloboda cardiologist

Oksana Marchenko cardiologist

Inna Golub neurologist

Yuriy Gavrilishin ultrasound specialist